Kimberly Buchanan

“Container searches in trials is where Bodie is most likely to show me strange behaviors, but then that’s probably what she would say about me too.”

LOL! I’m sure many of us fall victim to this in trial! 🙂

I wish I had a perfect answer for you. I think maybe changing the distractor proofing to work on proofing odor this way instead? Meaning, “don’t believe” her at first and if she stays convincingly go in and pay. It’s tricky, tho’, since you also risk confusing the dog into pulling off of odor.

What I’ve done w/ Zen is just this thing but in limited quantities, trying to get him to pull off odor with some leash and body pressure and then rewarding and having a party when he stays. I CAN get him to pull off odor, tho’, so I have to be careful how much pressure I use and how much I try this. It is only rarely, just to reinforce that HE gets to make the choice and then we celebrate when he chooses odor.

We used to have a terrible fringing problem so then the cycle of not believing him vs him being confused started to happen. So I needed to reward faster with coaching or know where the hides were while still trying not to cue him. Somehow we got thru the slump and then this proofing was the last bit. At least at Elite I can risk a false call and only loose 1/2 a hide!

To me it did look like Bodie was saying that was odor, tho’, even if you “wanted to leave.” 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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