Kimberly Buchanan

Welcome Dave & Bodie! Always a pleasure to watch you two search! 🙂

(I fixed your video so it actually displays in the post above.)

So, what happened….

First off, I think you may be correct in the “Threshold hide” syndrome of missing a hide at the beginning of a search. Had you insisted on one pass and out you’d have missed that one in the first search. Also, if you note, she approached it from the opposite direction and then noticed odor. I will say that she never checked that corner blue bag until you called “FINISH” so IF that had odor you’d have missed it. She was very interested after time had stopped.

Fast forward to the search in question and the long triangular box which is where the hide was; Bodie showed interest and left it. Why? In this search it seems your body pressure (and leash pressure) indicated to move on. With the other hides you were closer and your leash tension was loose. YES, we hope our dogs will tell us there is odor even when we do that and it is a way to proof BUT if you look carefully the first time you are quite a distance from her (2:48). Even tho’ you are facing her she chooses to leave. Now look at the second approach – because your gut said there might be something there – you keep walking and turn to the side (3:01) and as you turn back towards Bodie she looks to be anticipating a reward coming but you call “Finish.” I think if you’d waited a split second longer to call you would have realized what she was communicating to you.


(FWIW For others who are watching this series of videos: YES, there are multiple videos here and not just one. However, because Dave had a particular question in one of the searches the others happened to be good references. Also, the overall time was not extreme with them combined. Normally we would just look at one video.)

Kimberly Buchanan
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