Dave Ellison

OK, here’s my video. It is 4 indoor container searches (they’re quick). My intent in showing several searches is to show how Bodie usually searches and alerts. The first is from a successful NW3 last September, which I included to show how Bodie acts when she’s interested in a non-odor container (the black bag at 45 seconds has odor collecting from the nearby blue one). I thought it was interesting that she had no interest in the first 2 bags she sniffed (odor and fringe containers). I wonder if it’s like a dog missing threshold hides? Anyway, we need to go back and recheck our starting part of container searches, I think. The next three are from the L3C trial in May, in the order we did them. The one we missed was in the third search at 2:45 and 3:00. Bodie was interested but didn’t give me a clear (quick?) alert, so I had to choose “finish” or “alert”. I decided it wasn’t odor because she didn’t look at me when/how I expected.