Deb (De) Frost

    Dang … you sound a lot like one of those instructors at K9 Nose Work Camp.

    Oh WAIT. You ARE one of those instructors! ? And what you say makes a lot of sense, especially in hindsight.

    OK, tip 1: Yep, I see it. I think, knowing where the hides were, my focus (consciously or unconsciously – maybe both) was to open up the way to the other hides. There IS habit here, from early on, to “move him on” and I agree it’s no longer necessary. So, I need to figure out how to move instead … which I thought was easier to do when I knew where the hides were. Maybe not. Ack. Still (always) learning.

    Tip 2: Hmm … maybe subconscious again? I knew where the hides were, so never even noticed in this search that Baxter didn’t check the corners. ? Good point. This is an area where I guess we really should go back to basics for a bit. In beginner NW classes, we make a big deal out of the VALUE in making sure your dog LEARNS that corners are valuable and productive areas. We worked them hard early on. I’ve gotten a little lazy as a handler – I count on Baxter’s nose too much. I need to be a better teammate. I guess Baxter and I need a refresher course.

    Darn. I hate it when you are right! ? Well, not really … ? THANK YOU!