Kathryn Dobyns

Okay, here is video 2 – this is our exterior search from the NW3 trial last December. I was slow to call his alert on the threshold hide on the fire pit. I actually pulled him off it briefly but my good dog worked it a bit more and the second alert I was comfortable calling. We then worked the perimeter, he showed some interest in the woodshed, which was probably blowing odor from both hides and then he gives a beautiful change of behavior at 1:00 when he starts working the second hide. We finish the perimeter and then start back through the center to see if we missed anything. I re-are warded at the fire pit, but after that he goes into “let’s go visit the photographer and videographer” mode, which is a pretty clear signal to he that he is done sniffing, whether he had found everything or not. He really does have a very marked change in demeanor when he decides he has found everything.