Carolyn Murray

Okay, I’d like to post a video of what I think is some pretty good progress between the two of us.

What Scout did in this search kind of shocked me, especially since the two boys (Cooper and our training partner, Kenai) ran before she did and took FOREVER to find this paired hide.

* Taken on June 11th, our first “real” search after I had been out of town for a week.
* Hide cooked for close to an hour before we got to it.
* All dogs ran the hide paired.
* First search on campus this summer
* Rainy weather, fair amount of moisture in the grass, cool conditions (in the upper 60s), around 6 or 7 pm (I think).
* You might observe large cracks in the cement – I wanted to set a crack hide but closer inspection revealed these cracks were bottomless pits (no joke) and I did not want to lose a hide that I couldn’t recover. So I set the hide by a crack in the grass.

Scout quickly moves into the area. She heads to the doors, at which point I apply the brakes a bit. She comes back towards me, swings around me, and heads straight out to the hide, passes it, stops and heads back to it.

It seems like her intensity changes as soon as she swings around me and heads towards the grass? Would that be considered a subtle change in behavior? As opposed to the incredibly obvious head snap in the grass?