Kathryn Dobyns

The videographer put the graphics in – not sure what program she used.

I was thrilled with his lack of interest in the deer carcass – I thought he might have been chasing odor in that direction, especially when he turned back to the vehicles so quickly. I had no idea the carcass was there until the debrief at the end if the day.

I was pretty sure when he found the Jeep that he was done, and he only other place I saw odor interest was on the far side of the Prius – on the last loop around, he did not even sniff at the Prius. I was happy we had found two successfully and consciously chose to leave anything else unfound (I was looking for a happy search after falsing in containers first thing in the morning!)

I like your ideas for recreating this in training – I just need to track down enough vehicles to practice with!