Deb (De) Frost

OK, I hope I remember how to add the video – it’s been a while! My first video contribution for Movie week is from a practice session we held at BetCo (our training facility) about a month ago. Our goal on this day was a combo one (team requests <g>); multiple hides, working moving/pooling odor and elevated hides … and TIMED.

All except one hide was fully accessible, if I remember correctly, but some demanded more problem-solving than others. We used a fan (see the upright black object between two chairs on the right side of the room) to create air flow and placed the hide on the chair in front of the fan, allowing the odor to move past the chair and pool against the plastic bench – and beyond into the corner of the room.

Other hides are located at the base of the “walker” and pile of boxes in the middle of the room, at the base of the WALL adjacent to the table on the left side of the room (the idea was for odor to pool under or against the table for the dog to work back to source), a hide is on the metal X-pen fencing at the far back of the room, and there is a hide up at the top of the metal POST towards the back/left of the room. We placed the chair where we did, between the pole and the table, hoping the dogs would work the elevated hide off it, but weren’t sure how well that would worked. I think we inadvertently created a converging odor problem for ourselves between the table/wall hide and the pole hide, even though they weren’t all that close together. We DIDN’T expect that. Ah well … EH? The chairs and other misc. objects in the room were placed with “working off them” in mind, plus just making the search area more interesting.

I know, I know … less might be better, but I had help coming up with this one. 😉
Baxter went just a bit over the 3 minute time limit, but he was working it hard and I was more interested in the dogs being successful than an arbitrary time limit, so we let him finish. Looking forward to your input.