Carolyn Murray

Hi Kim,

Thank you!

Regarding the 8 hour hide in a public area – no I honestly was not concerned about other NW dogs passing through…at least not on a holiday weekend when everything was a virtual ghost town. Leaving a hide set this long is not something I do and it was done as and experiment and out of convenience (I was on campus earlier that morning).

Great points on my handling. I felt distracted during this search because I felt the need to keep an eye out for potential problems (mainly loose dogs). I think I was also a little impatient since she was working for so long.

The main thing I’ve noticed with Scout is that if I plant my feet, even when she’s off leash, she will remain within a certain distance of me. If I move, she’ll move. I’m still trying to find balance with my handling. It seems like when I have an impact, it’s usually a pretty big one and not in our favor.