Kimberly Buchanan

Scout did a nice job of overcoming the environment and the distractions! 🙂

You mention it is hot, the hide was aged for 8 hours, a bit of wind and humidity was rising. Hm. We see the clouds developing overhead so the barometric pressure is changing which is going to create some air currents rising/lowering/spreading. It’s possible when Scout was working the hide the air currents were taking the odor UP so as she passed the hide with her head down she was not in a position to detect source right away. After 8 hours there is likely a lot of odor movement that has probably traveled far and wide. (Do you not worry about other NW dogs passing by when you’re not attending your hide?)

The other thing to note is your position in relation to Scout. For some dogs this will have a subtle impact. For others it can be profound. You are a bit close to Scout on occasion and I would recommend giving her a wider radius of freedom. Also, rather than standing back, if you swing wide, it may give her “permission” to continue on a forward path instead of coming back towards you. I’ll give you some examples;

(:33) Scout headed around the column but you stood still. She lost scent and came off the column completely.
(:45) Leash tangle and fixing took her off the path towards the column edge/odor
(:51) A bit of crowding
(1:00) A bit of directing as she wanted to go clockwise – Scout gets distracted but goes back – you stay in position rather than making her more of a pivot point and swinging (yourself) slightly to the left
(1:20) Scout ultimately finds the hide!

It’s possible your position does NOT impact her desire or ability to locate odor, even in a distracting environment. But these are some handling details you might consider. There *are* times you will hold the line and limit where Scout goes but in this case I think giving her freedom to choose a direction is most helpful.

In general, your leash tension is good aside from a minor tangle and your quick payment at source is great! Yeah! 🙂

Overall a nice search despite the unexpected challenges! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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