Kimberly Buchanan

Every good search needs to start with a roll in the grass! LOL! 🙂

You can tell Sasha is really distracted. She’s not chasing the critters but her mind is not quite engaged on searching and I’m not sure she’s working odor on the deck. Maybe. Did her mannerisms indicate odor?

When you add the component of the hill, that changes how odor moves quite a bit and a lot depends on the temperatures and wind. Odor sometimes goes UP rather than down. So the wall hide was an extraordinarily difficult problem in this case. I’m so glad you decided to reward Sasha with just a flicker of acknowledgement of where the odor was located! The pause she had near the hide seemed to give her a bit of time to think which was good.

There are two things you could do to support this going forward after the course; Work hides on hills at different times of the day/temperatures to see how Sasha works out a more simple problem with an incline. (Be careful of your own footing!) Secondly, take the wall hide away from grass and hills and try it in a more neutral environment to see if Sasha had some learning here.


Kimberly Buchanan
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