Susanne Howarth

Interesting observations…

Search 1: yes, she looks like she’s crittering a bit — not sure why she felt the need to do so. It’s a regular piece of her environment and a location we’ve searched any number of times previously, so should be one where she can get to work without a need to check things out.

Search 2: Interesting comment that it’s moving so far out. My sense when she went way over by the pool was that she simply hadn’t yet figured out what we were doing — which of course doesn’t make sense. Makes more sense to assume that she knows the game and hasn’t yet gotten into odor; when she comes back closer and hits the bushes, the odor has been caught there at least enough for her then to follow it to the post.

Search 3: Cool observation that she worked the odor from the car back to the garage door. Personally, I liked the fact that when we started and she saw the car, her first thought seemed to be, “This must be a vehicle search. I’d better check around this car.”

Search 6: I didn’t want to pay her for the look up at 3:33, because she was looking at the tree — definitely not looking back to the wall! I’m glad the body pressure got her to move back there, hopefully without me “helping” her too much!

On to lesson 6 for now — may yet come back to do that post near a building, since I’ve found a suitable location for that portion of this lesson. Although, remaining time is growing VERY short!