Kimberly Buchanan

The course itself ends at midnight on Sunday (Monday AM) this weekend. The forums will be open and available for posting until that time. If you post a video for review close to that time, I will still take a look at it and review but it may be several days since I’m into the crunch time getting ready for camp and will be gone for 8 days starting Tuesday.

After the forums close you won’t be able to post but you will have access to reading everything for a year after the start of the course, so May 9, 2017. They will be moved to the Archives section. I *hope* people keep their videos available for viewing, as well. You will also have access to the lessons. If I have another NW301 course they may be temporarily unavailable as I roll thru those 6 weeks and adapt/release the lessons as needed for the new group. You won’t have access to those new forums, tho’.

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training