Kimberly Buchanan

    In the first search it looks like she’s multi-tasking on your welcome mat! She’s working odor but I have to wonder if she’s not caught up in some other smells there and the steps?

    In the second search it looks like the odor is drifting quite far so the closer Blackie is, the more it’s going over her head until it bumps into objects like the bushes and when you walk thru the scent cone.

    In the 3rd search, it may not be a vehicle search but she clearly used the car to work up to the odor on the “wall!”

    In the 4th search (outside corner) she worked off the bench and realized the odor was behind her.

    Really good job working thru the distractions in Search 5!

    In Search 6, yep, you could have even rewarded her at (3:33) when she was throwing her head up “IT’S UP THERE SOMEWHERE!” but by adding a little body pressure with you stepping up onto the short wall she easily decided where source was. 🙂

    Good job, Blackie!

    I’m convinced some of her “slower” speeds from Biscuit is her need to assess the environment, which could be the cataloging and/or multi-tasking by sniffing odor+other stuff in the environment.

    I think you *will* want to do some proofing at some point since she is relying on you to tell her where odor is NOT. Much of that will be revealed with the blind searches so you will need to decide in advance if you want to work thru that, not actually say the word “alert” or just get a “pay your dog” from your helper. 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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