Kimberly Buchanan

I wouldn’t beat yourself up too badly! Sometimes when the dogs are working a problem it’s good to give them the opportunity to figure it out. I think this kind of problem will be really good for you to practice some more. You can always videotape and review for yourself to see if there is anything you missed. The combination of an inaccessible hide (I’m guessing?) as well as the convergence looked to just be a bit much this time. You could have rewarded her at a few points when she showed interest. BUT, she did sort it out and was more persistent at about the (3:24) mark. So it really wasn’t a bad search! I’m thinking Sasha may have had some learning here!

I am guessing it’s probably past the point of giving you feedback for your searches today but I’m thinking you will want to continue with the fast rewards so I’m not sure a blind search is a good option as in Lesson 6. However, it’s not bad to have someone else set the hides and coach you thru it if they can help you to reward fast. Since we’re short on time, choose whatever lesson/exercises you like – you’ll have to indicate other lessons are completed if you want to skip ahead. Whatever you choose, be sure to only post one video at a time for review unless you have quick searches with little need for a lot of feedback. (See Sue’s question to clarify Lesson 5 in the Classroom forum.) Try to stick to around 3 minutes total or extract out the parts that need more feedback.

Hope that makes sense!:-)

Kimberly Buchanan
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