Kimberly Buchanan

    Good example of “paying out the line” at the very beginning of your search!

    I think when Blackie got “stuck” with the first hide, you also got a bit stuck. This is where you could have backed yourself further down the driveway so she was actively searching the back of your car. Yes, she does appear to be in that vicinity, but if you look at your position between the vehicles you’re not “supporting” her by listening to which way she wanted to go. When she got distracted by the person walking in the area, she got out of search mode. She may have been out of search mode the whole time she was in that area. Maybe. She was drawn back to the first hide which in turn you ask her to find another. She DOES go to the SUV but does not detect enough odor to tell her source is there and then you have to fix her leash.

    You still stay where you are and then decide to take her forward around the vehicle. She might be chasing odor off the SUV (:56) or just distracted, hard to say, but she momentarily loses focus. Once again, as Blackie rounds the back side of your SUV, she barks at the person “invading” her space. Blackie misses that hide but goes back to the first hide again. This is classic with this type of challenge.

    Moving her on, she’s still concerned about the pedestrian but finds the second hide on your mock vehicle. As you continue, notice that she detects odor at the front of your SUV (1:44) and this time you apply some body pressure to get her to thoroughly detail that vehicle.

    So what is happening? Could be that the pedestrian was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and Blackie lost focus near the other hide. Could be that the odor is much weaker and therefor harder to find. Or it could be that she just needed to work out the other two hides in order to determine there was a 3rd.

    Going forward, I would work close hides like that more so she has enough exposure that she automatically focuses on both sides of the aisle.

    Kimberly Buchanan
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