Susanne Howarth

    Regarding searching the outer perimeter first, it seemed to work OK. It took very little leash pressure to get her to come with me – I just barely allowed the leash to become taut and she was with me. Ordinarily, I probably would have waited to see where she wanted to go, but this worked OK and she did focus on the search. Had she wanted to enter the middle after we went along the side of the sedan, I would have let her do so, but she was willing to continue around the SUV.

    As for the sedan hide, the wind was blowing – as per usual – up the driveway, so I would have expected that to blow the odor into the center of the triangle and would have thought that should make it easier to find the sedan hide, but what do I know!?!?! That hide was placed under the running board, held by a magnet to a screw that was pretty much directly under the door seam, so maybe that upped the difficulty level? In any case, she did a pretty good job, as usual.