Susanne Howarth

Yesterday morning, we got creative regarding creating a third “Vehicle:” 3 large trash cans, with some white plastic chairs were used to create the pseudo-car. My rationale for inserting the chairs was in hopes of allowing more vehicle-like air flow beneath that middle section. We used all three odors, one in the arm of the two chairs and the other two beneath the running boards of the vehicles. As usual, the breeze was blowing up the driveway, towards the house. Unfortunately, I’m not sure my camera angle was the best – it’s set to get all three hides, but seems to cut off more than I would like. (I backed it up in hopes of also capturing the outer perimeter, but that reduced visibility of the individual alerts.)

I opted to start the search from the street (i.e., upwind) and using a tiny bit of leash pressure directed Blackie to consider the outside of the triangle first. We move counter-clockwise around the two cars and at :12 (in front of the sedan) she ranges out off the sedan towards the garage briefly, returning to the vehicles fairly quickly. Finally, at the back of the SUV, Blackie pushes into the middle at :25.

She starts by checking the sedan, but doesn’t notice (or at least doesn’t alert on) the hide. Instead, she moves to the SUV and alerts there at :40. From there, she goes almost directly to the chairs, alerting there at :49. With those two found, she returns to the SUV and alerts again on that hide, only moving over to the sedan with a bit of a suggestion from me. Once guided there, she alerts at 1:17 and we end the search at that point.

It was interesting to me that she had challenges acknowledging the hide on the sedan, even though she almost hits it even before she first hits the SUV hide.