Kimberly Buchanan

You did a nice job of supporting Blackie during this search. You did what you needed to do to let her range out a bit but keep her focused. And she did keep working despite the distractions. I have to wonder if the distractions are there all along but YOU only notice them because Blackie tells you about them? Maybe not this extreme but in other cases? Or is she just jinxed? 🙂

So she refocuses and gets the first hide quickly. This is a good lesson about taking the dog back to the place where they lost their focus!

The two views are interesting to watch. My favorite part is from about (3:16-3:26) when she locates the 3rd and final hide. You are standing between her and the kids/distraction and you can see her sorting and figuring out the problem between the two tires. Cool to watch!

Sorry about your tin – better than having it lost somewhere inside the car, tho’! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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