Kimberly Buchanan

Hi Jennifer – somehow I missed your two videos (one search) of Part B of the first lesson. Be sure to NOT post anything after you post a video you want me to review. It is too convoluted to try and comment on a video that is out of order and I honestly didn’t see it until now. (I would normally have you delete the subsequent video to keep things in order but I have already commented on the next one.) Also, if you can keep your videos around 3 minutes, it helps. 🙂

Having said that, I see some things that are REALLY important that I want to note. SO – for the record, we’re talking about the videos posted for Lesson 1, Part B (5/22/16, 1:10pm);

The first thing I notice is that Sasha finds her first hide at (:26) and you rush in to pay her. Yeah! She finds her second hide at (:55) and her third hide at (1:33). You don’t wait for a response, you go in and pay. We already see her anticipating you coming in to pay as she’s looking around for you. Keep this up! 🙂

So Sasha finds all 3 hides in about a minute and a half. In your note preceding the video, you mention that your videographer cut off the video before you were ready to stop the search because you wanted to “see what she looks like once she has found everything!”

As we review the first video, after finding all 3 hides Sasha spends the next 3+ minutes doing just that! (And then another minute and a half in the next video.) She is working and trying to find more but because there is no more, she returns to previous hides. YEAH! GOOD GIRL! So my question is, what were you hoping to see that you don’t see in the first video? In my mind, she did exactly what you want to see. She kept hunting but went back to where odor was.

***If you always keep Sasha in the search area until she is no longer giving you indications, you are diminishing the value of odor, of her indicating, of her searching at all. I’m guessing that may be why she is losing enthusiasm in the search. It’s just not fun for her.

SO – here’s what I strongly suggest. EVEN IF Sasha does not get all the hides, if she keeps going back to previous hides or if she stops finding more hides after 30 seconds, one minute at the MOST, let her go to a previous hide and end your search with a celebration! She IS trying. So if she’s unable to locate something, there is a reason and it’s important to end on a positive note celebrating rather than keeping her in the search until she’s lacking interest.

I know it can be hard to “celebrate” when it’s maybe not something you would normally do but you can see by some of the videos of your classmates that it will reinvigorate the dogs to have that praise and upbeat demeanor.

Does that make sense? Any thoughts?

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training