Kimberly Buchanan

It was pretty clear that Blackie was DONE searching in the last video! She was slower, looked at you a little more, barked at the neighbors, etc.

In the first search, I’m thinking she did react to the odor on the black suitcase at the onset but might not have been convinced that’s where it was coming from. You see her later (1:46) work it off the garage doors and then she checks the recycle bin, knocking it over. So I’m thinking it’s just skipping along the tops above her head and when she got closer she might have “lost” it so wasn’t certain. Hard to know for sure, and you gave her ample opportunity to come back to it.

I do think having all the scents the same is harder for the dog, for the very reason you mention; the dog needs to decide if it’s a weak odor from source or pooling from somewhere else. So when you have the same odor doing the same thing, overlapping, I imagine it can be more challenging than if they were different. Something to work thru, tho’, if you ever get to Nationals, the hides will likely be all combo odors.

Kimberly Buchanan
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