Stefanie Alexander

I think trusting my dog is probably the most important. Oftentimes I get fixated that we need to do another perimeter search just to be certain there isn’t anything there, and as video shows when I’m practicing blind hides, Prim already has cataloged the room and is telling me that there isn’t anything. In my need to be sure, though, I slow her down. She, in turn, wants to please, and that is where our communication breaks down having “mis-reads” on my part.

Like Sarah and Lily, Prim and I have had difficulty with low hides. Prim seems little to me (as I grew up with Great Danes), but truthfully, she is a good-sized dog. I think she has a “blind” spot for low items and she is genuinely thrilled and delighted on those rare occasions when she literally walks into the hide and “accidentally” finds it. It’s as if a whole new dimension has opened up for her 🙂 We’ve been practicing low hides and I do believe she is doing better with them in the last 6 months or so.