Deb (De) Frost

And I felt that little finger of yours pointing RIGHT AT ME, Susanne! Whether intentional or not <L>. And yes, it definitely is easier to see when you aren’t “in the moment” <g>. Hindsight is EXCELLENT, too.

Oh yes … I kept poor Baxter in that blasted galley kitchen (maybe 8′ wide by 20′ long – the 3rd of three rooms in the Interior search at our NW3 trial today) full of cabinets, counter-tops, and misc. kitchen stuff) for WAY too long. I don’t know where my brain went. He found the one (and only!) hide within 20 seconds and alerted nicely. Then he politely checked the rest of the room, twice <sigh>, went back to the one hide, and gave me “the look”.

When I insisted he check the cabinetry on the opposite side of the narrow kitchen (again), he did – detailing each door carefully (where I imagine there was at least some lingering odor that had washed over there from the hide not 4′ away on the opposite cabinet and all the people/dogs passing through). And when I stayed there (thinking his detailing MIGHT mean there was another hide …), he very nearly shrugged his shoulders and said. “Fine. OK. If you REALLY think you know better than me and want me to look, would you open these doors up? I’ll go in and check them for you … but really Mom, I already TOLD YOU where the odor was – and it isn’t HERE.” I mistook the look back at me as a possible alert (seriously??). NOT.


Yep, it was our only miss of the day. Well, MY only miss of the day. I can’t put that one off onto Baxter. Sheesh. Baxter found every single hide today, in all four elements and alerted beautifully and clearly on each one. I actually READ all of them pretty well too – with that one exception. We took 1st place in Exteriors and earned our first Elements ribbon (in Exteriors). 🙂

Darn it, I knew better. I just second-guessed us out of a NW3 title today by not believing when Baxter told me there wasn’t a 2nd hide in that one room. 🙁 I’m bummed I let Baxter down. He was brilliant!

Susanne, it was SO MUCH FUN to have you up in Alaska this week!! Hope you come again soon.

I did come to a bit of a “light-bulb moment” at the end of the day today. It occurred to me that MY biggest problem at this pint isn’t being able to read Baxter when he IS on odor (that is pretty clear, right Susanne? <g>). It is TRUSTING that he has done his job, biting down on my fears and calling Finish SOONER rather than second guessing myself and my dog. What the heck, I risk missing the title either way. I missed it today because I didn’t listen to him when he said he was done and PUSHED him into giving a half-hearted alert on lingering odor. If it had been a stress-free practice, I would have KNOWN that was not a hide. 🙁

I think it is time now to risk it on the side of trusting that my dog IS good and WILL find the hides and going ahead and calling Finish sooner rather than later. If I call it too soon and lose a title