Kimberly Buchanan

LOL! I just commented about this on Jennifer & Sasha’s thread. I’ll repeat here:

“Whether to pay or not to pay is one of those questions where there is no perfect answer. You have to figure out if the dog is returning to odor because (a) they can, (b) they are frustrated, (c) there are no more odors, or (d) some other reason. My personal reward policy with my dogs is that I pay for the initial find and I only pay again if I see them diligently trying to find something else. If they come back to the hide at that point then I will pay again. For Emmy it was a clear indication that there was no more odor (great clue, btw!). For Zen we’re getting to that point. I don’t want to prevent them from going back to a hide because they often work one hide off of another but I just give a “good boy” if he indicates unless I feel he has covered everything else first.”

And to continue;

I do not feel it is wrong to repay a hide UNLESS it’s because the dog is taking advantage of the situation and not really trying. Dogs are opportunists so some will do that. Amy calls it “Being cheeky.” 🙂

There is also the argument that you never let your dog get back to a hide and give a full indication. Well, see my comment above about letting them go to the hide to work out the problem. Super important IMO. Now, if I feel my dog HAS been working hard but does go back to a previous find and indicates I might pay for reassurance and to reinforce/reinvigorate. Otherwise it may be time to call “Finish.” 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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