Jennifer Ackley

The odor did not cook long at all. The search area was set up and I ran her pretty much right away. I was under a time constraint. But even so, I am surprised that she did not even investigate the 3rd odor box, other than a cursory sniff.

We did a mock ORT yesterday as part of a class that we take with Rosana Dropkin in Knoxville which is the closest CNWI to me. (I assist 2 of her classes and then participate with Sasha as a student in the 3rd more advanced class). In the first run, Sasha sniffed the odor box but then kept going. Only on the 2nd pass did she alert, after “looking” at me at other boxes. On the subsequent 3 runs, she more quickly alerted on the odor, box but at least once more also gave me a “look” at another box. I guess the bottom line is that we just need to do more container searches, period. Luggage, boxes, any & all containers. When we practice, it is mostly Interiors, Exteriors and Vehicles.

As far as her not returning to odor boxes to get paid, that is definitely something that we have worked on over the years. When she gets to the odor, I pay her well, but then ask her to move on, and if she returns, I usually will just say Good Girl and ask her to Find More. Of course, in one of Leah’s workshops, we paid every time the dog went back to odor! Oh boy! Talk about confusion LOL