Kimberly Buchanan

I love that you adapted part A with a single hide. One thing that amazes me is that Blackie *does* look at you on a couple of occasions but either you are very good at reading her or because you know where the hide is (you tell me) she moves on. I see this at the same box at (:39)(1:29)(1:57). The last one is where she paws. With the odor box higher than that box or some of the adjacent boxes the odor could be drifting over there tho’ it seems like the wind is blowing up the driveway, not down. Curious. But it is something to note that after the first time she then went to the odor box. The second time was about 45 seconds after she had gone to the hide and gotten paid and the last time it was almost a minute after “finding” and NOT being paid at the only hide. So there appears to be a time threshold where Blackie is willing to keep searching but will offer other things, even if it’s near odor.

One thing to take note for anyone watching is that you ACKNOWLEDGE Blackie found the odor again around the minute mark, even if she didn’t get “paid” the traditional way, the praise is a form of payment.

I love this exercise and all the ways to adapt it! 🙂
(And BTW, you adapted it for good learning, not just to add harder challenges! 😀 )

Kimberly Buchanan
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