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Susanne Howarth

Regarding your question about her alerting ON the license plate when the hide was under it: my guess is that the odor was coming out all around that license plate, and the hide was actually inaccessible, so that would probably be OK even in a trial. Also, I recall one CO out here warning us about letting our dogs go under the vehicle, which can be called as a fault: it’s dangerous for the dog to do so.

Otherwise, your question as to whether Kalli saw it as being rewarded for being at source OR for the paw, it is indeed a fine line and something to keep an eye on. Last weekend, when we had in-person class with Kim, I was delighted because Blackie didn’t sit once when she alerted at source! That has been our bugaboo: early on, she started sitting to tell me she’d found it, which I thought was great. But then, I learned that she thought the treat was for the sit — not the source — and we’ve had to do a LOT of work with racing in to reward when she got even close to source. It finally seems to have paid off!