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Gina Baker

SOTMC – Vehicles – straight line back hides.

Interesting search session. Three “vehicles” – 1 Electrical worker truck, open trailer and a closed trailer in a line from right to left – evening about 6:30 – light breeze from left to right. About 8 ft between the truck and open trailer and only about 3 ft between the open trailer and closed trailer. Used anise for all three hides

First hide – on electrical worker truck – back end facing start line – hide under front license plate. Pretty straight forward for her – she started towards that vehicle checked out the front and went to her right down the outside to the front – hit the hide – alerted on the license plate – 0:32 sec.
Question: the hide was under the license plate but she alerted on the plate – I did reward at source –is that a big deal? You see these awesome pictures of dogs down turning their heads up and all different positions! Kalli never has been one to get down – should I be working with her more so she will get down and under better? The vehicle was higher so it was not real low to the ground.

Second hide – on the open trailer in the middle between truck and closed trailer- hide was on the back side of the trailer not facing the start line – it was on the bumper but had like extenders on either side so the hide was indented (hope that makes sense – I can’t think of another word right now). She touches on the electrical truck back (front view at start line), touch on the front on the open trailer continued to the front of the closed trailer proceeds down the left side of the closed trailer – at the corner of the closed trailer she went a little too far out – there was garbage so I felt that is what she was going for so I called her back – from there she followed the back of the closed trailer around the corner to the side and hit the scent on the tires of the open trailer then followed to the back of the open trailer and alerted. I did not reward at that moment because she put her paw up on the left extender not close to the source – I held back until she went back to the source and then she put her paw above the source – then I rewarded. I usually have not been concerned about the paw – it is a very gentle paw if she is able to – if she cannot put her paw up, then her indication is looking at me. It was a very tight spot for her to get into so I am thinking that is why she put her paw on the extender – but in turn when she did go back to source the paw went up – so fine line – rewarding for source or the paw? Am I over thinking it? Need to work in more tight spots.

Third hide – on the backside bumper of the closed trailer. This was the most difficult. She went right to the closed trailer down the right side started to pick up the scent on the side of the closed trailer across from the tire of the open trailer (only about 3 ft apart) worked the side and then around the corner of the closed trailer – on that corner was a license plate – she went to that license plate several times putting her paw on it but did not stay – she worked to the other side of the back around that corner and then back and forth on the back bumper then she got it! Since the two vehicles were so closed together that may have been lingering odor from the second hide – the wind affected that hide more since the light wind was left to right, the closed trailer was more open to the light breeze. Interesting that she pawed the license plate several times but did not stay.