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Terry Wright and Kai

Thanks Kim!

I am going back to look at the first videos of this lesson.

On one I see that the wind was most likely blowing the scent to the vehicle (on left) beside the HV to it’s back bumper as he went to that vehicle, checked out that bumper then over, kind of under the bumper and found the hide under the license plate. Here the HV was pulled back so was sticking out more then the vehicle to the left.

One the hide was under the bumper on the right side… looked like it was blowing to the left and pooling at the license plate, he worked back from the license plate to under the bumper to find it.

So, yes I see that he is using the wind/air to source the hide. I’m starting to trust him more that he could be sourcing and not screwing off 😉 I’m also working with him a lot on a vehicle doing the *running bunny* or whatever it is called to keep him on a vehicle and not wonder off. I put from 6 to 8 hides. BTW… Most of the hides can be seen.

Terry Wright