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Susanne Howarth

    So, when Taku peed and pooped in mid search, did you allow him to continue searching? I would have put him up for at least a half hour — had a glass of wine with the neighbor and then started over as if it was a new lesson OR made him wait to another day for any nose work. Also, I’ve been working very hard with my girls to try to reinforce the idea that we never pee or poop when wearing our nose work harness. Even when we’re working at home, I try to make a point of taking them out on leash to pee/poop before searching THEN I put on the harness, and we search. Likewise, as soon as we’re done searching, the harness comes off and the leash goes on the collar: now it’s OK to pee or poop again. So far, it’s working pretty well — we haven’t had any accidents… yet!