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Kimberly Buchanan


OMG, how things pass from one person to the next….

OK… I actually coined the name “Red Light, Green Light” in my classes and probably at Camp so it’s been passed around. It is an evolution of “Timmy’s in the Well Right Here” that Amy made up several years ago. Handler sits in the chair, dog goes out away from handler to search some boxes. As soon as handler gets to the hide handler leaves the chair and goes to the dog to pay at the source box.

My change in the game is (a) it can work for any element and (b) IF the dog leaves the hide to go back to the handler, the handler must stop moving forward. SAY NOTHING. As soon as the dog CHOOSES TO turn back to the hide, the hander proceeds forward to pay. Dog turns back, handler stops, etc. The video segment with the Borzoi on the Exterior is the closest version. But dang, they just bastardized it.

The game is for multiple reasons;
* Dog learns to work away from the handler (handler sitting down is too hard for some dogs so handler might need to stand but handler does not follow the dog)
* Handler learns how slight body pressure can affect the dog (taking one step into the search area may be all that the dog needs to leave the handler)
* Dog learns to stay at source even if the handler is not near
* Dog learns that the reward is only earned at source
* Dog learns that THEY control the reward delivery!

Other lessons can be learned as the game evolves. It is not, however, about pecking at odor as the tin video shows. At all. No head bobs, no pecking. You either reward the dog for staying at the odor as the handler approaches or reward the dog for the sniff at odor (if handler happens to be close). There is no indication or required freeze at source and absolutely no pecking at odor. Ugh!

Kimberly Buchanan
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