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Kimberly Buchanan

    YES! That is it exactly. If the dog is getting the hide immediately then that’s great! They’re working the wind and the pattern easily. Not all dogs will “get it” so fast, depending on the other variables. This is where you would share what is happening by starting a new thread. 😉

    Now change your start position or change the alignment of the vehicles. Or change which vehicle the hide is on. In this lesson I would stay with the alignment side-by-side so you don’t change too many things at once. What you’re looking for is how the dog uses each of the surfaces and spaces between the vehicles as well as the wind to get to the hide. Is there any variable that makes it more challenging for your dog?

    This lesson might need to be done in different weather conditions and/or different wind speeds and direction in order to fully work thru the scenarios.

    Depending on how the air is moving the scent, dogs might SKIP over the source chasing odor as it moves around the vehicles.

    As always, experiment and get creative with different kinds of vehicles, different sizes and different heights. Odor will move differently around high profile vehicles than it will with very little space below. 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
    Joyride K9 Dog Training