Kimberly Buchanan

Ok, my first question for the shed is “why the leash?” I know we’ve talked about this before but I can’t recall why you might not choose to let Taku search this tight area off-leash? Instead you’ve got the leash on the ground, momentarily tight, under and over him. The leash is good for (a) safety, (b) to keep the dog focused and (c) to give the dog confidence. I don’t think you needed any of that in this search so I’d have taken him off and I think he’d have worked well. The good news is that he “got over” all of the leash bobbles. 🙂

I think your timing on the first hide was spot on! Good to let him work out the problem and it was clear from the video angle that he had sourced the hide.

Taku worked the deep corner hide (also elevated) beautifully! And your choice to reward when you did was excellent. 🙂

Hard to know if Taku was following scent of odor or you with the last hide but he responded to odor and nailed the last hide. Very nice! 🙂

It seems Taku is supremely confident outside and when it’s a place he’s accustomed to. New indoor environments seem to be a bit of a challenge. So I’d work more of those so he can gain confidence. Easy searches, high success. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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