Terry Wright and Kai

Our 3rd Movie Week Video

I spliced a .30 video to a 1:20 video to come up this this one. The first part is in the Shed Room, unheated, 200 sf, rarely used. Two hides, birch and anise and cooked for about 15 minutes.

@ about .09 I say I’m sorry as I had stepped on Taku’s leash. Boy I screwed up that leash handling… would I have been faulted?
@ about .20 when Jim asked if that was one on the table it wasn’t it was two magnets.
@ .24 when he had his nose at the bottom left corner but moved off I could see that he was working the odor.
@ .35 his nose is at that corner (the birch) so I reward
@ 1.15 he nails anise!

Tail up all the way…

The second part of this video is a hide outside behind the shovel. It was birch, been out for about 15 minutes, 48º, partly cloudy, no breeze.

@ .06 I’m pretty sure he caught odor… look at him strut his stuff, tail up, head up….
@ .11 he crosses over in the same spot I did earlier to get the shovel and move it towards the left. Was he following my scent ??
@ .15 he turns and heads towards the left towards the shovel
@ .20 finds it… reward!!

I love movie week 🙂 🙂
Thanks Kim for making this possible!

Terry Wright