Terry Wright and Kai

    Ok I see what you mean at .45 yes I should have paid him at that time for sure.

    Yes I have started going back to our in person classes on Tuesday nights. Tonight will be our second one. They have been holding them all winter, but I just can’t make that drive in the dark and snow 🙂

    I’m going to check around and see if any of my NW buddies want to meet in other places so we can practice in different environments inside and out.

    As far as rewards go, lately I’ve been using frozen grilled chicken strips. I need to be careful of the level of fat in what I treat with. Taku had a bout with Pancreatitis so very conscious of what we feed. Today I backed some fish sticks we had in the freezer to see how they go over in class tonight. I would have to say off hand that he likes anything, he is food motivated.

    I would appreciate it if others had any suggestions for low fat (non-crumbly) rewards.


    Terry Wright