Deb (De) Frost

    Re: your lessons learned – oh, so very true, Karen! 🙂

    In my first NW3 trial with Baxter;
    I learned that having been to a total of 3 NW trials (ever) was NOT enough to prepare me for the challenges of NW3. Baxter did fine – I flubbed it totally.

    I learned that the searches themselves weren’t necessarily any harder than in NW2, but not knowing how many hides there were really, really CAN mess with your mind unless you are prepared – and you CAN be prepared. And that your DOG doesn’t care what level it is – TRUST YOUR DOG, and when he tells you, “NO, there really was only one hide, can we leave now?”, you should probably say Finish (especially if you’ve been around the whole room several times and been back to the same one hide twice) and not waver uncertainly and then call “alert!” on your dog sniffing the AIR. <sigh>

    I learned that, DANG! My dog really can very clearly tell me, NO there is nothing in this room. How cool is that? 🙂

    I learned that although you should trust your dog, you should also give your dog every opportunity to GET TO all the areas of a search zone when you had an entire 3 minutes to search and he’s found two hides after 1 minute … and not call Finish when your dog is still moving forward with interest and intent – with all that time still on the clock – even though YOU thought you had already been around that vehicle once (ONCE?? Ack).

    We did lots better six months later at our second NW3 trial. 🙂 Live, learn and most of all – HAVE FUN WITH YOUR DOG!