Deb (De) Frost

Well … darn, I sure ended up wasting THIS Movie Week. Darn computer! 🙁 I had a good series of three videos all set and was saving them just for this week, too. Still can’t access them, so I’ll just save them for next time. I’m sure there WILL be a next time, right, Kim? 🙂

For now, just so I don’t totally waste the entire week, I’m uploading a video taken last summer … you can laugh if you want, but I DO want honest input, too. This video was taken during our (Baxter and mine) “inaccessible hides” training months and yes, during that same silly (on my part) stage that you’ll remember from the “Hamster Maze” video. You never saw this one last summer because, to be totally honest, I figured you’d whap me upside the head and say “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?”. You still might. 😉

My INTENDED goal for this video was for him to work the problem TO SOURCE … I wanted to see if he would stick to a [possibly] difficult search and really problem-solve to get to source, or if he would give up, consider it inaccessible and either alert at some point as “close enough” or get frustrated and maybe false alert. I THOUGHT he’d go right up the ramp I placed there just for him – he could have found it pretty fast, but … well, you’ll see what I mean. 🙂 Look for the round metal tin on the WALL.

Keep in mind that this was 9 months ago. I do know more about reading Baxter NOW than I did then – I realize that there were places (probably lots of them) where I could have, probably SHOULD have, rewarded him and called it good. But this was also during a training period where we had probably been doing way too many inaccessible hides and Baxter was starting to think “close enough” was, well – close enough. I wanted to re-instill in him the NEED to work a scent problem to source (something he was really great about until I nearly undid that with a bad balance of sourceable vs. inaccessible … and he has returned to being pretty darn great about again :)). THIS may not have been the best way to go about it at that point <g>, but it IS an interesting video and I really WANTED to get your input on it back then – I was just terrified to show it to you then. 🙂 Rip away.