Kimberly Buchanan

Learning to work clear rooms can be challenging at first, especially when you begin to do them blind. The good news is that Brody never FALSED on you! That’s huge!

Here’s a few things to look for:

Does your dog look bored?
Does your dog start to look frantic?
Do they LOOK at you with a quizzical expression?
Do they eye-flick at you?
Do they sit in the middle of the room?
Do they try to leave if the door is open?
Do they sniff the exit door seams?
Do they start to detail harder?
Did you see ANY changes of behavior within the first 30 seconds to tell you there was odor in the room?
Did your dog go UP to check the next “plane” to see if he could catch odor there?
Did your dog start to sniff the floor? Critter? People?

There are a lot of things dogs do that are different when there is NO odor vs when there is odor but they can’t find it. So if your dog is in a space for any length of time but you don’t see any head snaps or efforts at bracketing a hide, chances are it is clear. No, that’s not 100% but it is a really good indicator that maybe the space is clear. 🙂

Good job, Brody! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training