Kimberly Buchanan

I’s so interesting to see Taku’s last search outdoors compared to this one indoors! He is so much less confident or comfortable inside. You do a nice job of keeping him on task and encouraging him to explore. At the picnic table it’s clear he knew odor was there and I think you were smart to get him to go under the table for the reward. It’s a little unconventional but he was willing. 🙂

For the first hide he found (the pen?) I would have rewarded at (:45), before he even had a chance to look at you. If your goal is to get him motivated don’t ask for a lot of criteria. That can come later when he’s enthusiastically searching.

I think your classes are now resuming for the year? I would work lots of indoor hides for Taku with quick and easy success like I described on the pen hide. I would reward early (don’t wait to a lot of communication) and keep him successful. If he has a *better* reward I would use it for inside searches, just to up his motivation if possible. Oh – and I would not do blind searches indoors for awhile. You don’t want to test him at this stage.

The partnership between you has improved for sure! You are supporting him and “helping” (without helping) him to navigate the search environment, so this is nice to see. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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