Terry Wright and Kai

    Second Movie Week Video

    This is a video that my 11 yo granddaughter took at our training facility. Excuse her sniffles and jerkiness 🙂 This was our first time back for a couple of months. Besides us and the trainer there were fellow trainees in attendance. This was Taku’s second search of the night. Three hides in 2:40.
    1 hide left side of the room in a writing pen laying on the floor next to the open section between the chair seat and the bottom support section.
    1 hide is on the dark chair in the group of three, on the back edge
    1 hide under picnic table on the floor next to the wall off center a touch to the left.

    @ .19 showed some interest on one of the chairs in the group
    @ .21 walks behind the group of chairs
    @ .53 finds the pen, looks at me, I reward
    @ 1.00 Oops that’s our trainer 😉 I received permission to use this video for this class.
    @ 1.11 passes behind the group of chairs
    @ 1:15 he thought about going to the back door, or at least making sure it was still there 😉
    @ 1:27 thought about going to the front door… always looking for his escape route.
    @ 1:40 since it is a training session I took the opportunity to show Taku that he could go under things,
    he found it at 1:47.

    Since he can’t hear, it’s hard to have a party, so I’ve been trying to give him some loving by petting him.

    @ 2:31 looked like he caught odor but walked off
    @ 2:38 checked out gray chair in front of the dark chair turned to odor on dark chair, rewarded

    Comments, suggestion, observations welcome.

    Terry Wright