Kimberly Buchanan

Ok, first thing I see is that Lola does a nice job of catching herself at the threshold and works the first hide. Very nice. You don’t stop at the start line but there is no rule that you must. I’m just glad to see Lola was really working and not just racing into the search area.

The second thing I notice is that Lola goes to the left (of the start line) and heads to the outer corner but you stay back and do not go with her. She then defers to you and comes back towards you at (:22). Since we learn later on that there is a hide in the tall table it makes me wonder had you gone with her and worked that area first if she’d have gotten that table hide sooner?

You work the middle area with the tall counter (:35) but she doesn’t find anything. Again, you play the line out nicely but do not step into the space she is trying to detail. Lola leaves that area to go to the other end of the search area, hits the end of the boundary (1:00) and comes back to the middle and leaves it again (1:11). This time you do step a bit towards her but she again comes back to the middle finding nothing and you follow her in the out-of-bounds area towards the section she went to in the beginning. It’s then she finds the second hide (1:22).

Since you’d already spent a lot of time at the opposite end, I’d have done a quick sweep of the rest of that section and called finish. Instead, this is where you admit to a bit of waffling, brought her back to the middle and asked her to search benches. 🙂 I think her desire to keep going back to the fire pit hide was a very good clue that there was no more odor.

Handling your dog from a distance is a great skill to have. But I think because of the complexity of the search area I would have gone with her where she started to take you from the get-go to see where her nose was taking her. (Listen to your dog… 😉 )

This is a tough area to search with so much dry foliage and likely a lot of critter smells. It reminds me of a location I CO’ed in MA for an Element trial. Fun area but it made for some interesting searches! Certainly not a place you want to stay in too long. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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