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Kathryn Dobyns

Finally got to do some NW practice with a friend last night?! I set up a container search on the covered patio at my office – building on two sides and open on the other two sides. I used about 12 flat fabric bags and 3 cookie tins (1 still had some chocolate-covered popcorn in it). I set them out in 2 rough lines with a hot bag at the outside corner and a hot bag on a chair in the inside corner (the only elevated container). The search had cooked for about 5 hours by the time we ran it. There was enough wind that I had to go out a couple of times to put some rocks in the bags to keep them from blowing away! I brought Hunter in around the building and he nailed the high hide on the chair in the inside corner immediately. Then he went down the line, off the end of the patio and onto the grass behind the building (wind!) – I held at the back of the patio, so when he hit the end of his 12 feet of leash he circled back to the patio and stuck his nose in the bag with the clove ?. The other two dogs also poked their noses into that bag to get on that odor. Interesting with the other 2 dogs, one worked in the same direction as Hunter and the other went for the low hide first and had to circle back around to get the high hide in the corner. None of the dogs showed any interest in the popcorn.