Karen Irby

Kim- Our second video is of the vehicle search during the Worton Md., Dec. 13, NW3 trial. I am not sure I see much good when I watch this and that bothers me. About the only positive is that we found all of the hides and I successfully called finish. I’m using my 15 foot leash- my rationale is that Lola moves so much faster than me and often switches direction so quickly that I find myself tangling up with her when on a shorter line. You will notice that Lola loves going back to a found hide for a re-reward.

Also, of note is the fact that this search contained one significant distractor- apparently there was a freshly dead deer approximately 3 feet into the woods behind the blue vehicle in the left side of the video. A slight breeze was blowing from that direction of the woods toward the vehicles.

Judge’s comment “have dog finish all of vehicle”.

Other details:
– Lola’s second search of the day, following an hour break from containers,
– 1st dog to run,
– approximately 12:30 PM,
– warm day for December- in the 60s, moderate humidity, slight breeze,
– four vehicles widely spaced in a plus sign formation, fronts all facing inward, large opening in center of formation,
– two hides, (1) white Jeep driver side front bumper, (2) dark olive/grey colored SUV back driver-side wheel,
– time placement- 8th (2:06.19)

There is so much here that I feel I could have done better. I don’t think I’m being too hard on myself- but I would appreciate your critique pointing out the places I should/might have done something differently.