Terry Wright and Kai

    First Movie Week Video
    I am using one of the video’s I took doing the On The Road Class (which I’m still doing). Picked this one because it is one of the ones I discussed in that class about Taku’s pawing the boxes and would like more input. In the past he was done a check out the box and look to me, then I reward. So this pawing the boxes is throwing me off. In our first back to in-person class on Tuesday, we had three hides, he found all three and didn’t paw at any of them… none where in boxes.

    Two hides, birch and anise in closed scattered boxes. Went to our neighbors, he has a large cleared area. It was sunny, no wind and don’t remember the temperature, it was in the afternoon. Hubby, Jim is taping.

    Checked two boxes, skipped a box on way to odor in the top left corner.
    .14 sec pawed odor box, I’m about 10 feet away, length of leash, as I’m trying to not crowd or hoover over him.
    Reward – when he is smelling the box – reward again. Looks towards me @ .23 sec then towards his Dad, paws box again at .25 sec.

    Checks out the next 2 boxes, goes to see Dad @ .42 sec.

    @ .49 sec. he smells box/paws box to the right side of the scattered boxes. I reward when he is looking at box.

    Right or Wrong?? I’m waiting for him to look at me and/or the box without pawing.
    I’d appreciate any suggestions.

    PS, I most likely will not be able to do any more videoing until Monday. Granddaughter is here until Saturday. I’ll be gone most of the day Saturday. Will be gone all day on Sunday as I’m volunteering to work that day at the ORT.

    Edit – PPS – when you see me swinging my arm it is to tell him to keep going, since he can’t hear me. I still talk to him 🙂 I need something to signify that *yes* you found it and I’m coming to treat you 🙂 Any suggestions?

    Terry Wright