Kimberly Buchanan

Hi Julia – this was a great video to watch because as you say you like giving Brody the lead but there are many instances where you do some directing. This is not bad, just something to be conscious of so when you miss some of Brody’s signals it might explain what happens.

Let’s break it down;

The first hide was nice! 🙂 He leads the way, you move and he stays with a very clear “it is here” (:41) with a hearty tail wag and expectation of being paid. AFTER you pay him, rather than letting him choose which direction to go, you move him around the picnic tables in the way you would like to cover them. Again, not a “bad” thing but at (:53) he is catching scent in the other direction and I’m not sure you saw that?

You “listen” to him at around (1:00) when he wants to check the column vs the table which is good, and again at (1:10) when he turns back towards the tables (away from the BBQ) but he doesn’t look to be working any particular hide and you are smart to begin covering the perimeter.

Starting at the BBQ, he finds another hide, again with a hearty tail wag (1:30). You wait for the paw (which might haunt you at some point) but he’s not really destructive with it and he is rewarded. You continue along the short wall (I’m guessing the boundary of your search area) along to the trash bins. He leaves the trash bins (1:52) and I think you’re right to follow him. He’s sorting out the hides on the column but take note where he starts to move out towards the perimeter but defers to your body pressure to stay on the column/tables side (2:06). I have to wonder if you’d taken a step BACK at that point if he’d have turned towards the trash bins again?

Between (2:06-2:13) we see Brody make several VERY subtle head tips towards you/to the left towards the perimeter but you keep going around the column and he goes with you and you re-check the picnic tables. He looks back at you again at (2:26) but I’m not sure if he’s saying “there aren’t any others here” or ?

You retrace your steps and have yet to cover the perimeter where you left off at the trash bins. I think this is something to be conscious of. In this case you missed that hide. It is true he could be working another odor in the picnic table area, tho’, so I can see why you would stay there. However, when you left that area and went back to the perimeter you skipped where you left off (again, missing the trash can hide) so I think that’s just something to be aware of. Where have you been and where did you skip?

So it took a 3rd time around the picnic tables (good job paying at that hide again at 3:24) and then you took him back to the trash bins in the opposite direction and he got the hide there. It looks like he needed to really get between the wall and the trash bins to solve that problem.

When you go back and review the video, what do you see? 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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