Kimberly Buchanan

Nice “poker face” on your ring crew! LOL! Good to have two views, I think we see better with the second view.

A couple of things that I’d like to talk about and you’ll have to refresh my memory if we’ve discussed this before;

On your first pass, Blackie has a NICE head-snap back to the pink bag (:51) but other than a slight pause you keep your steady pace forward for the most part and then Blackie moves on. Is there a reason you kept walking and didn’t respond to her cue? In this case it was a distractor and she never showed you the same response as if it were odor. But curious, if it had been odor what would you have expected to see and how would you have responded? Would you have potentially “pushed” her off with your body pressure?

BTW, your pace is GOOD when she is working and checking the containers.

The second things is regarding your movement and position and Blackie’s body language at the big black bag (which happened to have odor). The first time she approached it she got distracted (1:03), had a shake-off, was looking at you and skipped it altogether. Your position remained WITHIN the container grouping which may have contributed to her skipping it. What you could have done is continued forward outside of the containers and made sure she was on task before continuing forward. When you go back to the opposite end (at the start) you also don’t go outside of the containers but you give her more line and she does appear to investigate those pretty well.

I have mixed feelings about the first time Blackie alerts on the black bag (1:23). Knowing her history I don’t think you were wrong to move slightly which pulled her off of the container. That’s a very hard balance, believing the dog vs testing the dog. With her, I don’t think this was wrong and she left with you. BUT, the look on her face was “Welll… ok…. I’ll check these bags but really it’s back there…” and she quickly went back to the bag. Love that you KNEW at that point, since she didn’t do anything but sniff (more thoroughly) when you called the alert. 😀

Any other thoughts?

Good work overall! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training