Julia Back

Thanks, Kim! I’m looking forward to hearing your input, whether it’s in time for this trial or the next one.

Our first video was taken Tuesday around noon, partly cloudy, ~50 degrees, with a moderate to strong breeze blowing from the front right of the picnic shelter to the back left. We had just done two successful searches.

This was done blind. There are three hides: one between the left front leg and the left bench on the second picnic table; one on the left-hand back side of the BBQ; and one on the wall side of the blue trash can.

At 00:21, we reach the picnic table hide. It is difficult to access, but Brody does a champion job bracketing. I am just about to bring him around to the front side when he makes a decision. The wind is blowing the 2nd BBQ odor almost directly out of the search area, but Brody catches it at 1:22 and gets that one with ease. Some interest in the trash cans at 1:52 but I attributed it to trash, and we didn’t make it back to that hide until 3:50 (apologies for the length on this one).

This is one of the largest search areas I’ve worked blind and I expect we wouldn’t have had time to find that 3rd hide at trial. I like giving Brody the lead (he has the nose, after all), but it makes covering large areas effectively at our pace a real challenge when he is not picking up a lot of odor. Any advice you have on striking this balance and handling in general for large search areas is greatly appreciated! Thanks!