Karen Irby

    Kim- This video is our container search from the Dec. 13, NW3 trial at Worton MD. It’s a large open room with high ceilings, floor is concrete, the wall to the right of the containers (which is not visible in the video) is solid wood paneling with no doors or windows. Judge and spectators are along that wall. Judge’s comments: “Make sure dog checks all the parcels.” We had the third fastest time.

    Other details:
    -Lola’s first search of the day,
    -10th dog to run,
    -approximately 11:30 AM,
    -warm day for December- in the 60s, moderate humidity,
    -heat and air are turned off in the building,
    -two hides, (1) first suit case in the right hand row, (2) last bag in the left hand row,
    -no distractors.

    When I watch this, I have to admit that I cringe at my leash handling skills- I think I’m usually better than this. For almost all searches I use a 15 foot leash because I find it easier to manage than a shorter one. Lola is generally fast off the start. Trying to hold her back only seems to amp her up more. As a result, she only occasionally stops for “threshold” hides. However, in this instance I’m thinking my proximity and our speed helped push her past the first hide. I did see the head dip, so I knew we needed to come back. With this video, I’d like to get your thoughts on how we could have been more efficient. Any insight on how you would have approached the search with your dogs would be helpful. Thanks.