Susanne Howarth

Very interesting observations — again!

Regarding carrying the towel: I hope never to need that suggestion!!! Both of us were miserable in the conditions (and I was SOOOO proud of her for working in spite of the weather — wish we had video of her exterior search when it was truly a downpour. That said, perhaps something to dry her off when moving indoors would be a good idea.

Regarding not stopping her at the start line, I’ve kind of been taking an approach that says if she keeps on walking, I don’t want to interfere. She can be SOOOO methodical, I have wanted not to disturb any momentum she creates.

Your comment that I cut the corner was also interesting — I hadn’t noticed that I did that! I thought I was following her lead!

Yes, that corner box was the popcorn distractor, and after watching her hang out there, without ever showing “ODOR!” I intentionally stepped in towards her to get her to move her off — it worked pretty well! (And I was very pleased to be able to tell that it was most likely a distractor.)

At the :44 mark, I hadn’t noticed her express interest in heading towards the other side of the area! But you’re absolutely right that at ~1:10, when she leaves the distractor and starts toward the odor, she does look almost giddy, “I GOT this, Mom! Here it is! Here it is!”

Regarding missing containers and how I direct her: good counsel, because once we get our NW2, we’ll want to move on to NW3… In this instance, I was trying to catalog where we had been and where we needed to return; and I KNEW there was only one hide + whatever distractors. However, it makes sense to start training myself to direct our searches — already — so that we’ll cover the entire area in one pass, and so that I facilitate that process instead of hindering it.