I haven’t tried a hanging high hide yet. Have done high hides on other things.

Earlier today I was searching the internet for suggestions on inaccessible and accessible hides, when I read this blog on K9 Nose Work http://k9noseworkblog.blogspot.com/2012/09/setting-better-hides-part-ii.html

It talks about high hides. One of the things I took away from the blog was not to start your hides too high, too soon. So maybe start with it hanging very low and gradually start raising it higher?

“All dogs can become capable high hide searchers with practice. You must take care not to place your hides too high, too soon. Start with high hides that can be accessed from the ground or in other ways. A hide on the top of a picnic table accomplishes this goal. Your dog can catch the hide from the ground and stretch to his full length to alert or he can climb the bench seat to the top of the table and alert right on the source.”

Something I learned today.
Terry and Taku

Terry Wright